English is Killing Me

  • Is English not your native language?
  • Is your writing holding you back from the success you seek?

If you are not a native English speaker and struggling with writing, our editors can help you.

Together we can examine the areas of concern from your adviser or committee members, and with our personalized care, you will learn to bring clarity, cohesion and grammatical integrity to your thesis, dissertation or journal article.

But more than simply solving the problems in a single piece of writing, one-on-one discussions and editing of your work with a personal editor will dramatically improve your overall ability to write in English.

We have decades of experience working with non-native English speakers at the university level. We know the problems; we know the solutions.

Time(s): Four 1-hour private meetings (in person or via skype) with four additional manuscript reviews.

Cost: $300.00

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Interested in conquering English in your writing, Let us Know HERE.


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