What is a Writing Coach?

A writing coach is part editor, part cheerleader and part drill sergeant.

As with any good mentor, your writing coach should be demanding but not be scary.  The relationship should be grounded in mutual respect and be focused on constructive feedback that leads to your success. In other words, a collaboration that makes your work the best it can be.

Because that relationship takes a connection and everyone’s work and goals are different,  I begin every potential coaching relationship with a 20-minute complimentary face-to-face discussion.

During that process, I will look over your work, discuss your goals and help you decide which level of coaching might be right for you.  Once we have agreed on the direction we will take, I will estimate how many hours I believe the necessary level of editing will take, and we will move forward.

Not in Eugene? Don’t worry, I work by Skype with writers throughout the world.

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