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Are you are ready to fully engage with your writing life and create a complete plan for success? Then let’s get your UNSTUCK.

UNSTUCK is session to open the door to the full potential of your writing life.

What to expect from me:

  • I am a working writer who also works with writers.
  • My coaching relationships are based upon honest connection, give and take and respect.
  • I work in the present to change the future. That means I devote my efforts to helping you identify unproductive habits. How they got there is not our concern. How to push them aside is.

What to expect in our consultation

During this 50 minute session, we will work together to:

  • Examine and analyze your existing writing life in relation to your goals.
  • Identify the key areas where you can make immediate adjustments.
  • Inspire a sense of purpose and control in relation to your writing and its place in your life.

What to expect from coaching

  • Your needs are unique and yet all writers share common ground:
    • We will talk about your practice, your goals, and your writing life in relation to those practices and goals.
  • Based on your unique process, I will act as a guide and strategist, working with you to design the structure that best supports your success and diminishes blocks.
  • The expertise I have to share with you has been honed over the course of more than 20 years of teaching writers, including award-winning nonfiction and best-selling authors.
  • With that knowledge, I will help you develop the skill-set that allows you to tell your best stories.

Have more questions?

  • Just contact us and ask.

Ready to take the first step to managing your writing life?

  • Contact us to set up an UNSTUCK session at stirwriters@gmail.com.

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