College Essay Support

You have heard it for years now:

1) The college admissions process is extremely selective. Talented and dedicated students from around the world are competing for a scarce number of spots. Your spot.

2) Admissions officers, facing the challenge of selecting the best students for their universities, rely heavily on admissions essays to provide insight into the applicants’ qualities. Your qualities.

Fortunately, once grades and activities are in the books, the essay stands as the single aspect of the application process entirely within your control.

But let’s admit it: Sometimes, total control sucks.

No assignment guidelines to fall back on. No specific criteria to get an A. Just the overwhelming pressure to choose a moment in your life that best illustrates who you are and why you should leapfrog over the competition.

And if that isn’t enough, because the best essays are as unique as the individuals who write them,¬†you need to decide the most effective narrative style to showcase that moment. It’s enough to overwhelm even the best writers.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone.

At Stir, we offer several levels of assistance — from brainstorming to final draft– to assure you submit a truly outstanding admissions essay, highlighting your qualities and individual voice.

Whether you need assistance with a college admission essay or graduate school personal statement, working with a Stir coach will ensure that you clearly communicate the unique contributions you will bring to your academic community.

Take a moment to explore our Application Essay Programs, choose which one is right for you and register today.

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