Start to Finish: Admissions Essay Assistance (5 hours)

Feeling confident in your time management skills but not sure where to begin?

Prefer working one-on-one?

Then Start to Finish is for you. In five hours of personal interaction, your Stir writing coach will guide you through the entire process of producing an essay.

The package includes:

Personal Inventory: For many students the toughest part of writing a college admission essay is finding a topic. The subject, of course, is already clear — you. But the topic? That can be daunting. To help you uncover the best possible essay topics from your personal experience, your coach will provide you a Personal Inventory worksheet. You simply answer the questions.

Brainstorming: Using your Personal Inventory as a starting point, the instructor will help you pinpoint the topic(s) that you feel the most connected to and determine the best approach and style.

The Heavy Lifting: With topic in hand, you will work on the basics of essay writing in relation to your essay. Step by step your coach will help you apply the most effective techniques for letting your individuality shine, providing a clear understanding of how to turn what you have to offer into words.

The Evaluation: Once you have a complete draft of your essay, your coach will spend one hour evaluating and line editing, making careful notes.

The Consultation: Once the thoroughly critiqued essay is returned and you complete a second draft, you may schedule up to 60 minutes of one-on-one editing for followup drafts. The in-person session(s) will evaluate for content, style, structure, grammar, etc. After completing Start to Finish, you will have a well-executed admissions essay and a solid understanding of how to give the essay a final polish.

Not in Eugene, Oregon? Not to worry. We work via Skype.

Tuition: $375. Call (541) 632-3017  or submit a request to register via the form below:

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