Build the Buzz

Do you want to be writing but you’re not?

Are you looking for something to get you writing but you are not sure where you fit in?

No matter what adjective you are currently using to define (and limit?) your writer self (new, overworked, successful, frustrated, talentedmisunderstood), if you want to be as excited about writing as you did that first time you just KNEW you had a story to tell, you have found your place.

Buzz is for writers who want to write and aren’t. Period.

This exercise-intensive workshop will help you rediscover YOUR creative inspiration— each day, each class — so you can tap into that writing BUZZ and do the kind of writing you wish you were doing right now.

Workshop Details:

  • 4 classes/ 2 hours per class (option to extend)
  • Max class size = 5
  • Cost: $175.00
  • Location: Eugene, Oregon

Interested in Building Buzz around your writing? Let us Know HERE.

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