“I have only one fear in life, and that is of writing,” Fran Lebowitz

If you’re like most writers, you’ve disappointed yourself more than a few times when it has come to meeting writing goals.

Maybe you didn’t write enough. Maybe you didn’t read enough. Maybe you didn’t submit enough for consideration.

But worse than not doing “enough,” you have likely beaten yourself up for it.

This 50 minute session, designed for writers in all genres and levels of expertise, will help you (kindly) identify your roadblocks and plan your next year of writing.

Using a series of questions and exercises, you will uncover the barriers to your productivity and create the mental space to outline a specific, 12-month writing plan with deadlines and a system of accountability for meeting those deadlines.

At the end of out conversation, you will have the information and insight to create a schedule, a writing plan and the enthusiasm to achieve your goals.



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