It’s Your Life

We are all here as a result of shared knowledge and experiences — in other words, stories. Stories that, however minimal their form (“The stairs are icy.”) have taught, healed, entertained and protected us throughout our lives.

And from those stories and experiences, we all have within us our own individual and unique life story to tell.

The key is finding it.

This workshop is designed for people who are compelled by family stories, journals and memoir and who are working to record their own significant experiences of transformation, adventure, loss and survival.

Using creative writing exercises, we will retrieve and record the important people, places and events in our lives; we will discover our stories.

In telling our own stories, we not only come to better understand the meaning they have for us, but how they speak to larger truths of the human experience.

The workshop includes guidance and exercises to:

• trigger and gather memories;
• organize, sort and structure a story;
• incorporate the gathered, sorted material into a written draft.

Workshop includes:

  • 20-minute pre-workshop, personal consultation with instructor
  • 4 class sessions/ 2 hours per class
  • Follow up, one hour personal editing session with instructor
  • Max class size = 5
  • Cost: $175.00

Interested in taking The Memoir Workshop register here HERE.

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