How You Fit

You Are a Writer

Like every writer, you have a story to tell— whether by transforming dramatic life experiences into compelling narrative, creating an imagined world of fascinating characters, or bringing together disparate thoughts and ideas to make a compelling argument,

You Know How Hard Writing Is

You have discovered that the path between what you want to write and what you actually write is scattered with potholes. Distraction, fear, procrastination, insecurity and confusion can knock even the best writer off course.

When the words do come, you find yet another teeth-jarring roadblock: You cannot tell whether what you have written is good enough. It’s no wonder, you are feeling stuck.

You Want to Improve

Maybe you’ve joined a group, or traveled to a weekend retreat or even registered for a class. But when it comes time to settle into your own writing life and incorporate those group lessons, the same challenge returns: How do you apply it to your writing.

You are Looking for Guidance

You know your writing life would change if you got the personalized support you need. You know what you have to say.

With individual, thoughtful feedback, you would change from thinking about the starting that chapter to actually finishing it. With clear, relevant guidance, you would finally capture the essay that’s been rattling around in your head for the past year

You are Ready to Begin

You long for the time, focus and confidence to put words to paper, and at Stir, you will find the specialized, personal engagement that you need. In our small intensive sessions, you will have room to break through the barriers that block your writing.

Make the commitment to yourself as a writer today. Choose one of our workshops and make the journey.

Our Classes

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Our Services

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